INTO THE FIRE: Clintons at Harkin steak fry. Twitter

Politico jazzes up the visit by Bill and Hillary Clinton to Tom Harkin’s steak fry in Iowa. The piece seems positively disappointed that the writer could not identify a gaffe to lay at Clinton’s feet as his wife moves toward a 2016 presidential room. There’ll be more time.

But Clinton did break from script — surprise — to talk about a variety of political matters in what Politico terms “The Bill Clinton Show.” Notably, he spoke of the “black bag” political operations of the Koch brothers.


But Bill Clinton waxed on about his excitement about his first grandchild, his study of the polls in the Arkansas Senate race, Harkin’s Senate career and the work of the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC “Ready for Hillary.”

“I still believe we win if we get the turnout,” he said of Sen. Mark Pryor, who is running an uphill fight to hold his seat in Arkansas. “I’ve studied all the polls and I believe we’re in a zone where it’s still real close … our side’s not used to voting in the midterms.”