ADRIAN PETERSON: In booking mugshot.

This just in from the NFL, struggling to deal with abusive players:

Vikings announce that Adrian Peterson will practice this week and is expected to play Sunday vs. Saints

Here’s the full statement.


This is what a prosecutor said after Peterson was charged with injury to a child:

“Obviously, parents are entitled to discipline their children as they see fit, except for when that discipline exceeds what the community would say is reasonable,” said Phil Grant, first assistant district attorney in Montgomery County, Texas. “And so a grand jury having indicted this case, looked at the injuries that were inflicted upon this child and determined that that discipline was not reasonable and did not reflect the community standards of what was reasonable discipline.”

When even a Texas Grand Jury thinks physical punishment is excessive ….. 


I’m with my childhood friend Randy Cox, a social worker in Little Rock who’s labored for years in behalf of the simple notion: Never Hit a Child. He’s worked to see use of corporal punishment ended in public schools, but it’s a universally good idea that shouldn’t stop there.

He has a website full of good information on the topic.


Randy Cox has remained energized on this issue because Arkansas is one of the worst state’s in the country for use of corporal punishment in school.