CAR TALK: Susan Hutchinson and I talked cars and money at dinner last night.

The Asa Hutchinson for Governor campaign said Monday it had raised $420,000 in August, bringing the total for the general election campaign to $3.46 million. He spent more than $400,000 in in the month on TV time and reports $667,000 in cash on hand.

Democrat Mike Ross hasn’t filed his latest report yet. (UPDATE: He raised $50,000 less than Hutchinson in the month.) But a month ago, his general election campaign had raised $5.2 million. Ross raised about $4 million in the primary and carried $970,000 over. Hutchinson raised almost $2 million in the primary and carried $560,000 over. He had a $2 million quarter early in his campaign, but raised $300,000 in his most recent monthly report.


I ran into Hutchinson and his wife, Susan, and a couple of campaigners having dinner last night at Flying Fish. He was relaxed and friendly. Dare I say it? Acting like a front-runner.

Susan Hutchinson gigged me for references to money Hutchinson made in his D.C. lobbying days after service in the Bush administration. She’d like to know where it is, she said. Fair comment. I’d joshed her about joining Asa and J. French Hill in the growing Republican TV ad ranks of people who drive well-used cars. (Hey, mine is more than 11 years old.)