HUCKSTERING: In D.C. Twitter/Alex Pappas

Ron Fournier of the National Journal joins former Gov. Mike Huckabee at a session with Washington political reporters in which Huckabee’s frequent Holy Land jaunts seem to form the basis for a developing pitch that he’s the sort of presidential candidate to lead the U.S. through troubled foreign times. Not that he’s announcing mind you.

He thinks a governor — not just him — is uniquely qualified to be president. 


Could we send Huckabee to the Holy Land permanently?

UPDATE: The Hill makes Huckabee seem even more like a candidate and reports he’s got yet another money vehicle, America Takes Action, that he says has raised seven-figures. It’s a 501C4 organization. That means he can rake in a lot of dough and spend it in broad ways without revealing much about sources. According to one recent news release, local radio host Alice Stewart, a former staffer in his presidential campaign, flacked a pro-Israel event for Huckabee and the group. From the release:


America Takes ACTION (ATA) is Gov. Mike Huckabee’s newly formed C4, founded on the principle that societal change is a result of good people uniting and acting together. ACTION stands for Activating Citizens to Impact Our Nation