WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Mike Beebe leaves office with an approval rating other Democrats can only dream about.

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning but well-respected polling outfit based in North Carolina, puts the headline quoted above on its latest polling in Arkansas and I’d say it gets right to the point.

From top to bottom — U.S. Senate to state land commissioner, Republicans are in the lead. Sometimes narrowly. Always below 50 percent. But in the lead.


The rundown (the third-party and undecided numbers omitted)

U.S. Senate


Tom Cotton 43
Mark Pryor 38



Asa Hutchinson 44
Mike Ross 38

Lt. Gov.

Tim Griffin 42
John Burkhalter 36

Attorney General


Leslie Rutledge 41
Nate Steel 35

Secretary of State

Mark Martin 43
Susan Inman 32


Dennis Milligan 39
Karen Garcia 31


Andrea Lea 37
Regina Hampton 33

Land Commissioner

John Thurston 38
Mark Robertson 33
Elvis Presley (couldn’t resist) 7


Other topics:

The poll found 68 percent support for an increase in the minimum wage, if it makes the ballot. Republicans even favor it 56-35. Also, Mike Beebe remains highly popular and would start out 10 points ahead in a hypothetical 2016 U.S. Senate matchup with low-profile (40% have no opinion) John Boozman. Mike Huckabee would easily beat Hillary Clinton (53-41) in an Arkansas presidential matchup, the survey said. Generically, respondents would vote for a Republican to the legislature over a Democrat 49-38. 30 percent had no opinion on David Pryor, which gives you some idea of the shelf life of retired politicians.

Why do I think the yellow dog vote in Arkansas is now 38-33 in favor of the GOP, with nominal independents trending the same direction. Leaving one question: Is there another Beebe in this bunch? Or will there ever be?

You can get the whole schmear, with cross-tabs, here.