CONSENSUS BUILDER: Mark Pryor has been depicted as a problem solver before, as in this promotion of an effort to deal with the debt.

Have you heard the little boomlet of speculation that President Obama might consider U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general? It’s not going to happen. Pryor isn’t interested. He will remain senator.

The Tom Cotton noise machine jumped hungrily to find a way to spin this in an unflattering manner. The main thrust seemed to be, “Oh, sure, the Kenyan would name Mark Pryor. He’s Barack’s Obamacare boy.” Or, sure, he’s about to get whipped and will need work.


Truth is, the reason Mark Pryor would even be considered is proof positive that he is exactly what is lacking in Washington, a consensus builder with friends on both sides of the aisle. That’s NOT Tom Cotton, the conceited extremist who’s sure he’s right about everything and that everybody else is wrong (except when “liberal fact-checker reporters” agree with HIM.)

Don’t believe me, Read what the Washington Beacon, a right-wing sheet in Washington had to say about a Pryor appointment as A.G.


“A smooth, ‘inexpensive,’ confirmation process has to be a top priority for Obama and [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid,” said a source monitoring the pro-Pryor effort.

A Pryor pick would also be an easy vote for some Republicans who like the former Arkansas attorney general, making it a potentially important bipartisan vote that could set the stage for the final two years of the Obama administration.

Mark Pryor? A man for all parties. Tom Cotton? An outlier even in his own party, even in the Arkansas Republican delegation on issue after issue from the farm bill to help for Children’s Hospital. If you really DON’T like gridlock there is only one candidate in this race that offers hope. Mark my words.