We reported last week on the anonymous and egregious direct mail piece, going after Democratic state rep candidate Clarke Tucker with baloney claims. The manure is also flying in northwest Arkansas.

In this case, the attack on Grimsley Graham — the Democratic candidate for state rep in Rogers — is run-of-the-mill Obama-baiting, rather than the Tucker hit piece, which was entirely made up and surely stands as the most dishonest and disgusting piece of advertising in the election cycle so far (the campaign of Tucker’s opponent, Stacy Hurst, didn’t comment on the attack, but the Hurst campaign had previously predicted that such an attack was coming). But like the Tucker attack, the mailer going after Graham had no disclaimer about who paid for it. One thing to note: The mailer reveals the Facebook user whose account information was being gathered from. That would be Grant Hodges, the Republican running for state rep in another district, also in Benton County (Hodges previously worked as a tracker for America Rising, a Republican PAC).