NEW CAMPAIGN WRINKLE: One of the Duggars will be taking Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson for a bus ride next week.

If the bullies of the NRA and the enemies of the working class at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce aren’t reason enough to cause some reluctance to vote for Tom Cotton or Asa Hutchinson, here’s another quiver full of dubious endorsements.

One of the Duggar clan and the haters of the Family Research Council are going to take off on a buscapade of Southern states next week that begins Monday in Springdale and Fort Smith with cameos by fellow travelers Asa and Tom Cotton.



Family Research Council Action to Kick Off Bus Tour in Seven States
Washington, D.C. – FRC Action is hosting a seven-state “Faith, Family, Freedom Tour” to encourage pro-family voters to vote their values when casting their ballot on November 4th. The tour will make twenty stops in ten days throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina between October 20-30, 2014.

The multi-state bus tour is targeting key House, Senate and Governor’s races and will include speakers such as FRC Action’s President Tony Perkins, Executive Director Josh Duggar and FRC Action PAC endorsed candidates. The bus tour will kick off Monday in Springdale and Fort Smith, Arkansas with Rep. Tom Cotton and Hon. Asa Hutchinson before continuing on to a series of stops in Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

The tour will kick off Monday (10/20) at 12 noon CT outside Good Neighbor Realty. The address is 1501 S 48th Street, Springdale, AR 72762.

Josh Duggar, FRC Action’s Executive Director made the following comments:

“Families across the nation want to elect leaders who care about their values: economic liberty, national security, the sanctity of marriage, religious freedom and the protection of life – and we are excited to hit the road supporting candidates who champion these core principles. Our goal on this bus tour is to connect grassroots activists and voters to trusted pro-family candidates.

“On November 4th, American families have an opportunity to stand up for the timeless principles that made this a great nation and send a message at the ballot box that will be heard across the country,” Duggar concluded.

FRC Action will be active on social media with their handle @FRCAction throughout the tour. A tentative schedule is listed below and subject to change. For the latest on confirmed bus tour stops, please visit: