WHERE CHILD FELL: Police photo shows inspection of scene of accident.

The three-year-old boy who was injured, perhaps in part by jaguars, after falling into the Big Cat exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo last Friday was released today from Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The hospital offered no other information.


The city is reviewing events of that day on zoo safety features and emergency response. The child fell over the rail into the enclosure while with his father and grandfather. They threw objects at jaguars that had begun putting mouths on the child and zoo employees drove them back with a fire extinguisher while another employee went down a ladder to rescue the child. He suffered various injuries, including lacerations, but nobody has yet said for sure if the injuries were related solely to the fall, to the cats or both.

Zoo spokeswoman Susan Altrui answered a question several have asked:


We are getting inquiries about how the jaguars are doing and whether  we are going to put them down. The jaguars were unharmed and are safe and sound in their home. Although viewing is closed to the public, the jaguars are still out and enjoying the yard. The Zoo will not euthanize the jaguars as a result of the incident.