You think it’s too much to ask for Secretary of State Mark Martin to remove this page from his website, now that the state no longer has a voter ID law, despite his best efforts to implement the unconstitutional vote suppression legislation?

And speaking of Mark Martin who continues to insist there’s a way to pass a voter ID law when the Supreme Court majority made clear that only a constitutional amendment can change the immutable rules of voter procedure in the Constitution:


His office filed a brief yesterday in millionaire Jackson T. Stephens Jr.’s effort to kill a ballot proposal to raise the state minimum wage. Mark Martin’s office, which certified that enough signatures had been initially submitted to qualify for a “cure” period to gather additional signatures and clear up any issues with those initially submitted, says in a legal brief that it agrees with millionaire Stephens. The secretary of state’s office should NOT have counted signatures with faulty notary signatures toward the preliminary signature level.

In short: We screwed up. We didn’t mean it. Kill that minimum wage initiative. It says it didn’t have the information proposed by Stephens’ challenge to consider when it certified the measure. But why not?


Good work, Mr. Martin, good work.

Susan Inman, the Democratic candidate for this office, is supremely qualified. She makes herself available to the public. She’s a nice person.


Mark Martin? Judge for yourself. That he believes his re-election is so certain that he need not appear for debates — even in light of the manifest misspending and mismanagement of his office — is a commentary about him or Arkansas voters or both.