As the University of Arkansas prepares to play Georgia today in Little Rock — maybe the last Hog game of significance at War Memorial Stadium — ideas continue to bubble about future uses of War Memorial Park.

A friend suggested the other day that the city set up big screen TVs for continuation of weekend tailgate parties during football season. Lots of people already tailgate then go home.


I had another idea today. A front-page feature in the Saturday New York Times talks about the rise of college fishing teams — outside the NCAA regulatory umbrella and competing in tourneys backed by the big fishing industry. I WAS disappointed that the University of Arkansas didn’t merit a mention. West Virginia is a better fishing state?

But there is a Razorback bass fishing team. Facebook page here. They’ve had some victories, as the photo from last year shows.


So how about the city have a catfish tournament in the pond at War Memorial Park. Use the stadium for a weigh-station, with a stage for appropriate live music. Catfish frying stations, too. A hush puppy contest. Mountain Dew and other beverages at football game prices.

This could be big.


On a more serious note: Toledo? Really? Toledo?