The Carroll County sheriff’s office K-9 handler  produced this video in a recent arrest in Green Forest. His Belgian Malinois, Tyson, sicced the suspect for approximately 90 seconds when he was lying on the ground and handcuffed. The dog didn’t heed  commands to detach. Then the officer can be heard blaming the incident on the suspect for moving.

The Carroll County news reported more on this story Oct. 10. The Green Forest police sound a little miffed that the sheriff’s office is blaming a lack of communication with their K-9 handler D.J. Harlan for the attack.   The sheriff’s office paid for medical expenses.


No charges resulted from the chase and detention that triggered the dog attack. But the man was arrested on a warrant on a previous criminal mischief charge. Officers had responded initially to a report the man was in a house with a gun. He ran from officers, but quickly surrendered. No gun was found.

There’s a hot race for sheriff in Carroll County this year. The controversy over the dog attack could figure in it.


Find a photo of the K-9 officer and Tyson here.