More polling from Talk Business/Hendrix College
shows a tight race for 4th District Congress between Democrat James Lee Witt and Republican Bruce Westerman.

Witt’s TV campaign, upbeat tales of his illustrious career in government and private business, maybe is having some impact. Westerman’s 14-point July lead has shrunk to 2 points.


Q: In the race for Congress in your congressional district, the candidates are Republican Representative Bruce Westerman, Democrat James Lee Witt, and Libertarian Ken Hamilton. If the election for U.S. House were today, which candidate would you support?

44% Republican Representative Bruce Westerman
42% Democrat James Lee Witt
4% Libertarian Ken Hamilton
10% Undecided

The Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll was conducted on Oct. 15 and 16, 2014 among 607 respondents among landline and cell phone users. It has a margin of error +/-4%. Demographics for the poll are provided in the methodology below.

“In July, we identified Witt as needing to shore up his Democratic base, especially among African American voters. He has made gains in that area,” said TB&P Editor-in-Chief Roby Brock.

The candidates are seeking the seat vacated by Rep. Tom Cotton to run for U.S. Senate.