The mention of UALR in the previous item reminded me:

Rosi Smith of Arkansas Children’s Hospital and I will again close out the semi-annual KUAR/KLRE fund drive with an on-air stint from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Friday morning.


As ever, the Blog match will apply. I’ll add $10 to contributors who pledge that or more and mention the Arkansas Blog. I’d like to see us hit 50 blog matches in what will be our fund-raising swansong. We generally do 30-35.

Make a pledge online. It couldn’t be easier.

We’ll also have volunteers taking calls at 569-8485 or 1-800-952-2528.

Will Rosi and I make it through about 20 years of fund-raising without one of the seven forbidden words escaping from our off-air conversations into the country’s airwaves? We’ve had a few close calls. Tune in.