Politifact has compiled a list
of the nine biggest political whoppers of this campaign. Tom Cotton, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, makes the list for the lie he told to cover his vote against the farm bill.

No, President Obama did not hijack the farm bill and turn it into a food stamp bill.

The farm bill is pretty important in Arkansas, where Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor for the U.S. Senate. Cotton explained his “no” vote on the farm bill by claiming in a campaign ad that Obama “hijacked the farm bill (and) turned it into a food stamp bill.”

Actually, the farm bill has included food stamps since 1973. It was Cotton and other tea party supporters who tried to take food stamps out of the farm bill, a move that ultimately failed. We rated Cotton’s statement Pants on Fire.

Cotton would say this is liberal baloney, though Politifact is nonpartisan. It’s true that facts do seem to have a liberal bias.