Here’s the day’s open line, plus our video roundup of headlines. Also, from the firing line:

* I-30 SHOOTOUT: You need a scorecard on this one — a shootout about 9:30 a.m. today at the Exxon I-30 Speedstop at Roosevelt Road. One man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the leg after he fired back from gas pumps at a man who started firing at him after briefly entering the business. Another customer, reaching to protect her child, was struck by flying debris. Windows were broken. Employees at the station weren’t hurt.


* BLACK LEADERS STAND UP FOR MIKE ROSS: Today, every member of the Legislative Black Caucus endorsed Mike Ross for governor, more than a counter-balance to Republican Asa Hutchinson’s endorsement by baseball player Torii Hunter. They also didn’t attempt to play a wedge anti-gay issue as Hunter did. The 17 included five from Hunter’s hometown of Pine Bluff.

“Mike Ross is a bipartisan bridge builder who appreciates Arkansas’s rich heritage and understands that our diversity makes us stronger. He will be a governor that will listen to all people,” said State Rep. Fred Love, Chair of the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus.