The Downtown Little Rock Neighborhood Association Facebook page is abuzz with the rude a constituent got from Ward 1 City Director Erma Brown Hendrix. Former association president Tony Curtis passed on a Facebook post to the director wondering if the city could help Harmony Health Clinic complete a sidewalk in front of the clinic for wheelchair bound patients. The email to Hendrix was copied to Kathy Wells, who manages DLRNA’s Yahoo group.

Her response: CHILL OUT!


The email:

Never include my name with Kathy Wells!!!! Because, for eight (8) years she has had complete hatred toward me along with a “few” Black residents. But, to no avail!!!!

Sidewalks “can not” be placed on E. Roosevelt Rd. with City Revenue. Placing sidewalks on Roosevelt Rd. is a mute issue, unless you can produce the funding. Perhaps, a fund raising project. So just chill for now. Or, if you were moved by such incident of which you have conveyed in this email then take the lead with what I have suggested.

Has either of you ever run for Elected Office????

So, as I would say to the two of you CHILL!!!!

Dir. Hendrix

Hendrix, who is in her 80s, was just re-elected to the City Board for a four-year term. 


Curtis’ response to the person concerned about the lack of a sidewalk noted that property owners are responsible for sidewalks. However, he said he would forward the information to Public Works to see if the city could take care of it out of sidewalk replacement funds.