Runaway Senate victor Tom Cotton says his campaign kitty is short of cash. I and several other of his closest friends got this message last night;

Today, my campaign manager notified me of some very urgent campaign needs that we need help meeting, and he asked if I would reach out to my most dependable supporters. Of course I immediately thought of you!

You know better than anyone that we gave this race everything we had. We didn’t hold back and neither did you. That’s why we won. That’s why we Retired Pryor. However, now that the race is over, we have financial obligations to fulfill.

Please take a second to read the e-mail my campaign manager sent me earlier, and then click the link below to contribute $5 or $10, so that we can fulfill our obligations.


The message included another e-mail that said the campaign needed $176,000 to pay remaining bills — TV, direct mail, online ads and office closing costs.


Perhaps so. But fund-raising never really stops for Senate campaign committees.