Fascinating and potentially dreadful news: The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take a case that argues that it is illegal to subsidize insurance rates in the nearly three dozen states that didn’t set up their own health exchanges under Obamacare. (Arkansas has a cooperative deal with the feds.)

No subsidies, people don’t get health insurance. Fewer people on insurance for less dollars, system collapses.


Four justices voted to take a case that upheld the subsidies, a pretty clear indication that they didn’t like the outcome.

What if Obamacare is destroyed by the court? Republicans would say it would be the salvation of U.S. government and they’d applaud a little judicial activism this one time. Sure,  maybe a few Republicans in Arkansas left with the carnage of the loss of the federal Obamacare money would be a touch inconvenienced. But surely Gov. Asa Hutchinson could simply cut taxes enough to replace all that lost revenue with a mighty burst of economic prosperity.


It’s more complicated than my summary, of course. Vox has a long piece on it.