ON THE STREETS: An Uber driver picks up a paying customer in Little Rock last week (a KTHV reporter doing a a story on the car service). KTHV/Twitter

Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter
tells me, at the request of the mayor, action on unpermitted operation of the Uber car service in Little Rock will be delayed at least until a City Board discussion at its agenda meeting at 4 p.m. Monday.

Uber has been in discussion with the city for an ordinance to regulate it in a manner similar regulation of conventional taxis. But the process has snagged and Uber decided to begin operating unilaterally last week. A number of city directors, including some supportive of Uber, aren’t happy about it. Uber hasn’t offered an excuse except to say that it was good for drivers and passengers (and the company, I’d add) to begin taking paying customers.


City Director Brad Cazort has said he thinks Uber’s action means the city should pass a permitting ordinance without further input from Uber. Several directors have said they favor seeking a court injunction to stop the business from operating without city permission. That would allow police ticketing of drivers who continue to operate.

Uber, which has raised $15 billion, has bullied its way into a number of markets in this fashion including Fayetteville, and paid costs of drivers who’ve been ticketed. Sone cities have gone to court as a result.