SNAKE IN THE FOX HOUSE: A fellow Fox contributor has hit Mike Huckabee where he lives -- in his paycheck -- by saying if he wants to consider a presidential run maybe he ought to stop appearing on Fox.

Here’s the Sunday open line. We’ll include interesting news — Mike Huckabee feeling some economic pressure from one of his co-workers at Fox News.

From Talking Points Memo (with video above from Media Matters):


Fox News’ host Howard Kurtz on Sunday urged the network to drop contributors if they are considering a run for office.

Fox dropped Dr. Ben Carson as a contributor, which Kurtz said was a good call.

“This was a smart move by Fox because a guy who’s more or less running for president shouldn’t be on a network payroll,” he said. “Which means Fox also faces a decision about former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is openly weighing a White House bid as well.”

I think Howard Kurtz might have just been dropped from the Huckster’s Christmas card list.