HUCKSTERING: The potential candidate with J. French Hill. Brian Chilson

The Washington Post headline says it all:

Mike Huckabee rebuilds political team with eye on another presidential run

The article says he’s using his nonprofit America Takes Action to employ potential political operatives and that they are scouting Little Rock (not Florida?) for a campaign headquarters.


Surely, at some point, somebody at Fox News besides Howard Kurtz will take note and kindly disinvite Huckabee from being a political commentator on the channel while running for president. That’s what happened to Ben Carson.

The Post says Huckster has meetings planned with potential donors and others, including in Little Rock next month. He also has another one of his bookettes coming in January, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.”


The money quote:

Huckabee’s “heart is into it,” his daughter and political confidant Sarah Huckabee told The Washington Post in an interview Tuesday. “He is personally engaged and more aggressive in taking on meetings. He can’t wait to get back to South Carolina and Iowa.”

The older Huck is just off working to help elect a paymaster of his political consultant daughter, newly elected 2nd District Republican Congressman French Hill. Huckabee did commercials for Hill.


Huckabee acknowledged to the Post that he had to be “careful” about Fox. But where there’s a Huckster, there’s an escape clause.

“I am not doing anything official at this point.”

Just arranging exploratory meetings, hiring aides, soliciting potential donors and getting paid for advancing his image on Fox — all at the same time. He didn’t come by the nickname Huckster for nothing.

UPDATE: The Washington Post story prompted Kurtz to step up the pressure on Fox with a column.


The Post says Huckabee has been sounding out potential consultants, including his former campaign manager Chip Saltsman. “According to Huckabee’s associates, the Fox News show may not be a runaway national success, but it has been useful to Huckabee’s political brand, keeping him in front of Republican primary voters but not turning him into a political celebrity whose every move draws attention.”

But now it may be drawing so much attention that both sides have to make a decision.