LOUISIANA STREET: Mid-street parking with a bike lane between parked vehicles and curb, has neighbors unhappy. Brian Chilson

City officials held a public meeting today on restriping of Louisiana Street to produce a one-lane street for motor vehicles and a curbside bicycle lane. It’s drawn fire from workers along Louisiana, particularly in the former Union Bank building at Capitol and Louisiana, which feeds office workers into the street at the evening rush hour from a parking deck.

Gavin Lesnick of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a blow-by-blow here. No decisons yet on changes, if any.


I drove down Louisiana today, albeit about 11:15. I’d thought the new striping would be more confusing than it turned out to be. Louisiana is — and never was — much of a through street to anywhere, though clearly workers in buildings and parking lots that line it see it differently. It’s pointless, I guess, to urge a little patience. State workers are accustomed to almost magically disappearing on the stroke of 4:30 closing time at state offices. It’s possible for many thanks to free, handy parking, a perk many private workers would kill for. And you don’t want to waste precious seconds, either, reaching a six-lane freeway home to the suburbs.

Then there’s City Director Erma Hendrix, who continues her war on bicycle lanes. She thinks it’s an elitist’s folly.