Here’s an open line and today’s video roundup (please ignore me on the date, it’s Nov. 13, contrary to what I said while reading my illegible handwriting. And contrary to yet another erroneous date I wrote in my original post here.) Also:

* POLITICAL COMMENTARY: I joined Roby Brock, John Brummett and Skip Rutherford on a Rex Nelson-moderated panel about Election 2014 at a meeting of the Political Animals Club at the Governor’s Mansion. David Ray, Tom Cotton’s angry communications man, was right. I had no business being there. Winners write the history, right?


Cliff Notes on the program: Republicans won. Big. Future is bleak for Democrats.

Here’s what I also said, more or less, inspired by that Canadian’s letter that’s gone viral:


Republicans made the election a referendum on Barack Obama from U.S. Senator down to Big Rock constable. It worked and it’s easy to see why.

Unemployment is dropping. Job creation is up. Budget deficits are shrinking. Inflation is nil. Interest rates are low. Our GDP is unexcelled. Oil imports are dropping. Gas prices are dropping. Millions have new health insurance.


Something had to be done!

More seriously, here’s my post-election column this week.