KATV’s Jason Pederson aired a report last night on the case of a man convicted of possession of a felony amount of marijuana who’s tried, unsuccessfully so far, to be pardoned for his 2003 crime. 

The piece drew a comparison between Troy Nations, convicted of the same crime of which Gov. Mike Beebe’s son Kyle was convicted, in the same year, 2003. Nations started his pardon quest a year earlier than Kyle Beebe. The governor has said he’ll recommend his son for a pardon before he leaves office. Nations is still waiting.


Nations has been waiting for six months.

And one man’s father is the governor, the other’s is not.

“They told me in a letter from the parole board that it was going to go in front of the governor and he would make the final decision and I haven’t even heard yay or nay,” says Nations.

“When you heard that he was planning on pardoning his son for the exact same first offense charge that you have…and that was only on his desk a month…what was your reaction?”

“Well I was kind of bothered by it but I would just hope he would take the same consideration for me that he did his son,” says Nations.