BLACK FRIDAY: Protests planned during shopping crush.

OUR Walmart, an advocacy group supported by the UFCW, has announced nationwide protests on the day after Thanksgiving over pay of Walmart workers.

OUR Walmart has said the chain should pay a $15-an-hour minimum wage and provide more consistent full-time work.


Earlier this week, some Walmart employees in California did sit-down strikes in Walmart stores with tapes over their mouths. OUR Walmart said some 1,600 demonstrations are planned. From the release:

Even as Walmart brings in $16 billion in annual profits and Walmart’s owners—the Waltons—build on their $150 billion in wealth [which produces $8.6 million a day for the family in dividends], the majority of Walmart workers are paid less than $25,000 a year.

…. A broad group of Americans who plan to protest on Black Friday, including tens of thousands of teachers, voters, members of the clergy, elected officials, civil rights leaders and women’s rights activists say America’s largest employer and richest family are driving the income inequality problems that are holding the country back. In Washington, residents plan to protest at all 60 Walmart stores in the state. In other states, Americans are planning flash mobs, marches and prayer vigils to support striking Walmart workers and call on the company to improve jobs.

I mean no snark in saying protesters best avoid standing in the way of shoppers rushing to get door-buster specials.