BUYBACK: The Junior League proposes to buy back a facade easement on its headquarters building.

A proposal has been placed on the Little Rock City Board’s agenda to revoke a historic facade grant easement for the Junior League’s headquarters building, the Women’s City Club at 401 Scott.

The city will get back $20,000 it gave to the Junior League in 2002 to do restoration work, which included preservation of the historic facade through a 50-year “easement.”


A proposal by the Junior League to replace 18 windows drew objections from historic preservationists, including the Quapaw Quarter Association, and Mayor Mark Stodola because of alteration to the original appearance. Third-floor windows, to be replaced for a remodeling project, were the sticking points. The Junior League thought it had the votes for board approval of their window replacement plan in September, but fell short. After some further discussions, the Board approved a detailed resolution on replacement Oct. 6. That agreement has not proved satisfactory, the Board has now been told.

Instead, the Junior League now proposes to buy back the easement, which is allowed with payment of 6 percent interest from the date of the grant. It now proposes to pay $34,196.16 to do so.


A memorandum on the board agenda says this is the only grant revocation request the city has received from the facade preservation program.

I would guess some of the same objections will be raised to revocation that were raised to window replacement.