Here’s Tuesday’s open line and the video report. Also:

* STUDYING RACE: UALR’s Institute on Race and Ethnicity is sending $20,000 to four research projects aimed at reducing racial and ethic disparities in Arkansas. Good timing, given Ferguson, Mo., events.


One of the funded projects speaks specifically to the relationship between police and communities.

Project investigators, Brittani A. McNeal, a Ph.D. candidate, and assistant professors in criminal justice, Drs. Emily R. Berthelot and Julie Marie Baldwin, will examine whether perceptions of the criminal justice system, fear of crime, victimization, and generalized trust influences community members’ decision to call police.

The researchers are also examining whether decisions to contact police varies across racial and ethnic groups and social classes.

Another study will be conducted by Dr. John A. Kuykendall, associate professor in higher education. Kuykendall will conduct a qualitative study to examine the academic preparation of young black men for the local workforce by paying particular attention to the perceptions, situations, and interests of recent high school graduates.

Dr. Sarah Quintanar, associate professor in economics, will examine the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and measure its effectiveness in benefitting students living in low-income areas within Arkansas who desire to pursue a college degree.

Dr. Michael Craw, assistant professor and coordinator in the Center for Public Collaboration of the UALR Institute on Government, will conduct a study that seeks to determine whether greater representation by residents in the local policymaking process leads to increased access to a larger share of government resources and how stronger neighborhood-based governance may allow groups to solve community problems more effectively.