WHAT, ME RUNNING? Mike Huckabee's campaign exploration draws legal complaint.

The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed complaints with the IRS and the Federal Election Commission about Mike Huckabee’s use of a nonprofit front group to lay groundwork for a 2016 presidential campaign.

Blue Nation Review has the details.

The former Arkansas governor has revived one of his old shell games — remember Action America, a nonprofit through which he laundered “speaking fees” from political supporters ? He’s using America Takes Action to hire former political operators in what several news outlets have said looks suspiciously like the beginnings of a president campaign. Huckabee acknowledges he needs to operate carefully so as to preserve his lucrative Fox News show. Fox has moved before to separate other commentators with political ambitions, but Huckabee has so far been exempt.


The complainant believes the nonprofit is just a tool to vacuum corporate cash for political purposes.

With the IRS, the ADLF claims that Huckabee’s organization is passing itself off as a social advocacy organization while public records suggest Huckabee created ATA as a way to “formally organize money and staff in preparation for his candidacy.”

With the FEC, the ADLF claims that Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, is violating federal election law by using corporate money to fund his “testing the waters.”

Huckabee as president? Blue Nation Review comments:


This is a guy who compared Ferguson protestors to lynch mobs. This is a guy who threatened to leave the GOP over gay marriage.

Even with the “Hunger Games” in theaters, it’s hard to imagine a more dystopian future than one with the likes of Huckabee as commander-in-chief.

What is the American Democracy Legal Fund? Its website says it “exists to hold political candidates accountable for legal and ethical violations.” Huckabee could keep them busy for years. Many more details here on its complaints and a letter ro Roger Ailes of Fox News.

Here’s the letter to Ailes.

You can go to this link to see the full letters of complaint to the IRS and FEC.


The legal fund has worked against perceived violations by other Republican candidates since early September including an FEC complaint that the Tom Cotton campaign and others had illegally coordinated activities. Politico wrote about the group in a feature about David Brock’s expanding activities in behalf of Democratic candidates.

And Brock’s army will be supplemented still further by the formation of a new overtly partisan watchdog group called The American Democracy Legal Fund, which is already preparing complaints against high-profile Republicans, including Michigan GOP Senate candidate Terry Lynn Land. That group will be run by Brad Woodhouse, the president of American Bridge, and will be registered under section 527 of the Tax Code — allowing it to engage in more political activity than CREW’s traditional portfolio. CREW has operated as a nonprofit registered under a section of the Tax Code — 501(c)3 — that prohibits partisan activity; under Brock’s leadership it will add a new more politically oriented arm registered under section 501(c)4.

Woodhouse is a long-time Democratic Party activist.