CLEMMONS AND HUCKABEE: The Ferguson, Mo., case reminds a columnist of Mike Huckabee's contributing role in the death of four Washington police officers.

Mike Huckabee crafted one of his polished non-sequiturs to feed the faithful on matters in Ferguson, Mo.:

He compared people who protested the no-indictment decision in Ferguson, Mo., with white supremacists who shot civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Yeah, you go, Mike, thought those who don’t hold Huckabee’s applause lines up to fact-checking or logical standards. Said others: Say what?


Now comes Fred Karger, a columnist for Huffington Post, with a more logical connection of Mike Huckabee to the matter of the dangers police officers face on the streets, sometimes because of people like Mike Huckabee. He refers to the slaying of four Lakewood, Wash., police officers by Maurice Clemmons, an Arkansas ex-con.

Maurice Clemmons should never have been in Washington that day. He should have been locked up in an Arkansas prison. Instead, in 2000 after serving only 11 years of his 105 year sentence, then Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee felt sorry for Clemmons and commuted his sentence. Clemmons was then paroled and set free.

After Huckabee let him out of prison, Clemmons went on a nine year crime spree all across the nation and ended up in Washington that day. These four murders should never, never have happened.

Karger remembers that Huckabee rhetoric failed him after Clemmons’ deadly spree.


…Governor Huckabee never uttered the slightest apology to the family’s of the four slain police officers.

In a pathetic letter he wrote soon after the killings, Huckabee said, “If I only had the same information I had then, I would make the same decision” (sic: commutation of Clemmons’ sentence). What a terrible and insensitive thing to say. Mike Huckabee showed zero remorse for his decision and undoubtedly caused even more pain to the victims.

Later in a radio interview Huckabee finally said, “It’s not something I’m happy about at this particular moment.”

Since then, Karger notes, Huckabee has mostly been silent on the Clemmons matter. But silent, no. Karger notes hateful comments about any other number of topics. He doesn’t look forward to a 2016 race by Huckabee. Others will cheer him on — Medgar Evers or Maurice Clemmons notwithstanding.