'A DESTINATION AGAIN': Charles Pelsor at Dogpatch USA.

A Kentucky Missouri TV station reports
on progress by Charles Pelsor to restore the former Dogpatch USA theme park at Marble Falls in the Arkansas Ozarks.

Charles Pelsor, who made a fortune manufacturing pet food bowls, and a partner bought the 400 acres, with rundown structures, for $2 million and plan to reinvigorate thee place, originally based on the Li’L Abner cartoon strip, itself long gone.


“I’ve driven around the top and just thought, what a gorgeous place to be letting just go dead,” says Pelsor. So the inventor of a spill-proof pet bowl, the Buddy Bowl, moved his operations to Arkansas and has started to fulfill his Dogpatch dream. His vision is a village that artisans will call home, and will welcome everyone to visit.

“We’ll have artists, we’ll have blacksmiths, we’ll have painters, we’ll have sculptors. The village will be open, and they’ll be displaying their crafts and it’ll be an eco-developments. We’ll have gardens, we’ll have vineyards, we’ll have orchards,” says Pelsor.

He wants to clean up the stream, recommission the trout farm and mill, and he’ll bring back the music. “This is Cornvention center, and Reba McEntire played on the front of this at the very close in 1993,” says Pelsor. At Dogpatch’s former train station, Pelsor says he
would like to bring back the trains, but also make it a food station. 

Pelsor will open the property to visits from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday to take a look at what remains and to hear about his plans. Visitors are asked to use the Highway 7 entrance near the Mill Creek bridge.