A militant group last night took responsibility for the August death in Egypt of Bill Henderson, a long-time oil worker for the Apache Corp.. His obituary identified him, his wife and other family members as residents of Fayetteville. A native of Texas, he lived in Oklahoma until 2010, according to an obituary in an Oklahoma newspaper.

The U.S. government has not confirmed circumstances of his death. His Aug. 6 death had previously been described as a result of a carjacking. From NBC:


One of Henderson’s daughters, Savannah Blankenship, told NBC News that her family was “very taken by surprise” to wake up to the news militants had claimed responsibility for killing her father.

“It’s just a little overwhelming,” she said, adding that her family had found it difficult to get information about how her father died. All her family was told in August was that Henderson had been murdered, she said.

When asked whether the family believed the group’s claims, Blankenship responded: “I have not a clue.”