PARKING LOT FENCING: Drawing of Junior League plans at 4th and Cumberland.

The Junior League of Little Rock, in winning approval from the Little Rock City Board Tuesday night to buy back a historic easement for the facade of its headquarters at 4th and Scott in the historic Women’s City Club building, indicated it wanted to be extricated from City Hall bureaucracy that impeded its renovation work.

The City Board, with some grumbling about the end of ironclad assurances to preserve the historic building, took $34,000 to give the league total control of the building. But that didn’t end the Junior League’s city business.


It is now on the agenda for a Dec. 15 Board of Adjustment meeting. It needs approval for a sign that will be part of a fence around a parking lot behind the building at 4th and Cumberland. The plan includes some landscaping and an ornamental metal fence with brick columns. Board of Adjustment approval is needed for a ground-mounted sign to identify the building for people who rent it for events. The league will mount the group’s logo and stainless steel lettering for the Junior League of Little Rock on a brick face between two columns.

A reader who called this to my attention reminds me again of the sometimes interesting nitty gritty of city government. This Board of Adjustment meeting, for example, includes plans for a new residence on the lot of a $645,000 teardown next to the Country Club of Little Rock; other sign requests; carport and porch additions and similar stuff. You can peruse it all here, with maps and supporting documents.