ALL FOR NAUGHT?: Opinion writer thinks the Keystone pipeline, being advocated here by Tom Cotton and Tim Griffin, will never be built.

Interesting analysis from the Fiscal Times
that says the Keystone XL pipeline is “almost certainly dead.”

There are many factors beyond environmental objections, including by landowners along the route. The development of shale oil in the U.S., price-cutting by OPEC, the increasing cost of the project and other factors are tied up by the writer into a persuasive bundle of arguments against completion of the line. Other pipelines will be built, the Canadian tar sands will still be tapped, emissions will continue and oil will flow. Just not through Keystone.


The photo ops with Little Rock-made Welspun pipe by Tom Cotton, Tim Griffin and French Hill will just be fading memories. But that line pumping heavy crude across the Arkansas Ozarks might be a harsher reality.