PRESSURING WALMART: Actor Joaquin Phoenix in film pressing Walmart to sever relationships with companies that keep pigs in crates.

Mercy for Animals has scheduled a Little Rock news conference today to publicize undercover footage that allegedly illustrates abuse of animals at a food processor that supplies Walmart with pork. The film is said to have been made at a Colorado facility of Seaboard Foods.

Mercy for Animals says the footage showed “workers slicing off piglets’ tails with dull razors, ripping out their testicles by hand, workers hitting piglets with canisters filled with rocks; mother sows with open wounds and pressure sores left to suffer without proper veterinary care.”


The group has posted the video online.  It’s narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

The group is pressing Walmart to join other major corporations in ending use of suppliers who keep pigs in gestation crates.