CAPITOL VIEW: The ASU system now has new offices on the top floor of this office building, looking across the street to the Capitol. Money came from two ASU alums, Gov. Beebe and Speaker Carter.

Capitol dwellers have been commenting on the expansive new Arkansas State University presence in office space across the street in the former National Old Line building.

ASU issued a news release today about the office, described, along with a new website, as “steps toward increasing visibility and preparing for system expansion.”


The ASU System has moved to the newly renovated sixth floor of the 501 Building, which is directly across from the front steps of the State Capitol. The 10,706-square-foot space provides 14 offices, a mid-sized conference room and a 2,000-square-foot conference room. General Improvement Funds secured by Gov. Mike Beebe and House Speaker Davy Carter funded most of the construction cost.

I’ve sent ASU some questions on renovation cost; the GIF outlay, and rent. I’ll update when I have it.

UPDATE from ASU’s Jeff Hankins:


The ASU System received $858,000 in General Improvement Funds toward the project, and about $1 million of the total project was for renovation costs (remainder for furniture, furnishings and equipment). I would note that the 501 Building is a state-owned building. We were previously in temporary space on the third floor of the building.

ASU gets space in the state-owned buiilding free for 10 years.

Nothing like having a governor and House speaker as alumni when it’s time to divide up the state surplus on spending projects.


You might recall that Chuck Welch, president of the ASU System, had said earlier that Gov. Beebe would be offered office space if needed when he was in Little Rock, but shot down rumors he’d be going to work in an official capacity for his alma mater.

The ASU Board met today in Beebe. It designated the ASU System president’s residence in west Little Rock (Chenal Circle) as The Herbert H. McAdams II House. Property he donated to the university in Mountain Home was sold and proceeds use to buy the house.