TEXAS BOWL: To be played at the Houston Texans' NRG Stadium.

The news from football playoff selection included the announcement that Texas and Arkansas will meet Dec. 29 in the new Texas Bowl in Houston. Sorry. Advocare V100 Texas Bowl.

The teams are 6-6. They’ll be playing for finishing the season above .500.


It’s being touted as a resumption of a grand rivalry, though most would agree the Texas rivalry meant more in Arkansas than it did in Texas. Other Texas schools held more allure for Longhorn fans, the Big Shootout notwithstanding.

The Hogs left the Southwest Conference and the requirement for an annual Texas game in 1991. That’s a generation of SEC football. The Hogs last played Texas in 2008 and lost 52-10. The overall UA-UT record stands at 21-56.


Texas, if anything, feels kindly these days to UA-Fayetteville. It has become a haven for Texas students for the cut-rate tuition we offer Texas students who meet grade and test criteria and for the competitiveness of flagship Texas campuses. Almost half of new freshmen are from out of state at UA, a quarter of them alone from Texas. All told, there are 4,595 Texans on campus at Fayetteville. Hook ’em Hogs.! Woo Horns Sooiee!

PS — This is the game once known as the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Some interesting financial history here.