Cheryl Maples, one of the lawyers in the federal lawsuit challenging the Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage, filed a request Friday for $15,900 in attorney fees (at $250 an hour) and $511 in costs as the prevailing party in a civil rights action.

The suit was filed July 15, 2013 by Jack Wagoner. Maples was added to the case as an attorney July 25, 2014. None of the other lawyers associated with the case has asked for fees in the federal case as yet. Judge Kristine Baker struck down the state ban Nov. 25. The state hasn’t decided yet whether to appeal. Maples also asked the court, in filing for fees, for an extension of the normal deadline for such a request. It was due Dec. 9, but she said a deadline could be extended for “excusable neglect.”


Maples filed the state lawsuit July 1, 2013 that led to Judge Chris Piazza’s ruling invalidating the marriage ban and Jack Wagoner’s firm joined in the plaintiffs case Aug. 22, 2013. That case is on appeal before the Arkansas Supreme Court, which might issue a decision in the coming week.

Fees were requested in that case, too, following Piazza’s ruling, but he denied the request pending the resolution of the appeal.


In the state case, Wagoner’s firm submitted a statement of fees and expenses of $95,747. Maples sought $256,000 in fees. They also argued that a multiplier could be applied under court precedent for their work in the case.