A reader notes seeing on Facebook photos of legislators in the fancy skyboxes at Verizon Arena for the Garth Brooks concerts.

Wonder how they worked out charging legislators for attendance in corporate-rented skyboxes? There IS a value to those seats. And I’m sure no legislator would take anything of value from a lobbyist or a corporation that hires a lobbyist, because Amendment 3 explicitly prohibits such gifts and Arkansas legislators are famous for their ethical fastidiousness. Why, I wouldn’t think a legislator would even pay for something that wasn’t available on the same terms to the public.



There is a moral to this story.


Do right.

Or, if you can’t do right, be sure nobody puts your mug shot on Facebook.


All of which reminds me of Razorback skyboxes: Will the chancellor still be able to include legislators in the special audiences? And it also reminds I still haven’t gotten answer from the UA on special preferences for legislators at this year’s Texas Bowl, as well as future football and basketballs seasons.

PS — A most unhappy legislator complains that he paid $175 for the Garth Brooks ticket that he carried while joining unnamed others in an unnamed corporate box at Verizon. He feels done wrong by a mention of the evening, if indeed his was the one I had in mind. He thinks it Mickey Mouse (and by comparison with larger wrongs done by legislation, he’s certainly right) to even bring it up. Paying face value for a ticket doesn’t square the deal if it gains admission to a high-price setting not readily available to the public at any price for a setting where lobbyists and corporate interests share convivial face time. Voters passed this amendment. It’s going to give lawmakers higher pay and more years in office. It came with ironclad gift restrictions. Lobbyists are already pushing the envelope. If a corporation has skybox seats to all events and sells them at event face price, without a charge for the annual rental of the box, and makes them available to select people, while the public must takes its chance with a rush to the Internet, a significant favor with a monetary value (see Stub Hub for an instruction on the economies of ticket pricing) has been extended.