Arkansas Business reports on the Energy Department’s completion of an environmental impact study of a 750-mile power line that would carry wind-generated electricity from Oklahoma across Arkansas to Memphis.

The Clean Line Energy Plains and Eastern transmission line will be the subject of public meetings in several states including Arkansas in January and February, including in Newport Feb. 9, Searcy Feb. 10, Marked Tree Feb. 11, Russellville Feb. 17, Fort Smith Feb. 18 and Morrilton Feb. 19.


In anticipation of the statement, the Sierra Club last week reiterated its endorsement of the project as a way to get clean energy on the grid to displace power from coal-fired plants. Said Glen Hooks, Arkansas Sierra Club director:

“Sierra Club strongly supports the expansion of clean energy across the country, and the Clean Line project is a big step in that direction. Moving 4000 megawatts of clean wind energy equals the amount produced by multiple dirty coal-fired power plants. Here at home, the Clean Line project will provide 500 megawatts of clean wind energy to Arkansas to help meet our state’s power needs.

“As more clean energy comes online and prices continue to plummet, consumers will benefit dramatically in terms of lower power costs, better health, and a cleaner environment.

“Our nation’s best wind resources are often far from population centers or the established electrical grid. The Clean Line project aims to solve that problem by transmitting clean power to where it’s most needed. More clean energy will help us transition away from dirty fuels and battle the consequences of climate disruption.

“Sierra Club chapters in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee have all voted to endorse this project, because we know that it will lead to more clean energy and fewer dirty coal-fired power plants. If we are to solve the problem of climate disruption, transitioning our nation away from dirty fuels is essential.

“Arkansas Sierra Club endorses the Clean Line concept, and looks forward to reviewing the final proposed routing to ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Clean Line has done a good job of reaching out to Sierra Club and other environmental groups for years, seeking input into areas that should be avoided for environmental reasons. We’ve informed the company that Sierra Club’s endorsement of the project is a qualified one, and is contingent upon a final review of the project route.”