DON BINGHAM: Back to the Governor's Mansion.

Here’s another change coming with the transition from Gov. Mike Beebe to Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Don Bingham, currently director of special events at UCA, is going to replace Ron Maxwell as administrator of the Governor’s Mansion, Hutchinson spokesman J.R. Davis confirms.


It will be a return to the Mansion for Bingham, who served there in a previous Republican administration, that of Mike Huckabee.

The Beebes opened the Mansion more freely than the previous occupants. The governor or his wife Ginger or both made it a point of greeting all who came. The Mansion wasn’t so open during the Huckabee era, partly as a byproduct of his ban on the serving of alcohol and partly on account of the lack of the grand hall that Janet Huckabee championed until his final three years in office.


Many of the groups that use the Mansion for charitable events like to be able to serve a glass of wine with dinner.

That won’t be a problem at the Hutchinson administration, I’m reliably informed. He is not a teetotaler like Huckabee, a Baptist preacher. Wine is on the menu for his inaugural ball.


Maxwell, 64, said he anticipated staying on until the final day of the Beebe administration Jan. 12. He said he considered it “an honor to have been entrusted with care of this historic place for eight years.”