Here’s your open line. And here’s a piece of news from a pleased-as-punch Betsey Wright about a former co-worker in Gov. Bill Clinton’s office:

* TEXAS BENCH GETS AN ARKIE: The group of judicial nominations that Harry Reid was able to push through the Senate in the waning hours of this Congress thanks to a blunder by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz included the confirmation of Robert W. “Trey’ Schroeder III, 48, of Texarkana to a judgeship in the eastern district of Texas.


He was on the press staff in Clinton’s gubernatorial days. Got a law degree, clerked for Judge Richard Arnold and was associate counsel to President Clinton in the White House. He’s been in private practice in Texarkana since 1999 with the firm of Patton, Tidwell, Schroeder and Culberson.

He’s a graduate of UALR. Texarkana. Also, I should add, a good guy.


The eastern district of Texas is headquartered in Tyler but has a division in Texarkana.