DIXIE DAY: The red states may combine for a super presidential primary on March 1, 2016.

Politico reports on the plan
of Southern states, including Arkansas, to hold 2016 presidential primaries on the same day, March 1, in hopes of guiding the Republican Party to selection of a candidate more in tune with the region.

That’s a double-edged sword. In the past, Dixiepublicans have not proved great crossover candidates in vote-rich swing states like Ohio and Virginia. But the midterm elections showed movement in Dixie’s direction in even some unlikely locations.Writes Politico:


The joint primary, which appears increasingly likely to happen, would present a crucial early test for Republican White House hopefuls among the party’s most conservative voters. It could, in theory, boost a conservative alternative to a Republican who has emerged as the establishment favorite from the four states that kick off the nominating process. But one risk is that the deep-red complexion of the Southern states’ primary electorates would empower a candidate who can’t win in general election battlegrounds like Ohio and Colorado.

Republicans from the South say their states make up the heart of the GOP and that it’s only fitting the region should have commensurate say over whom the party puts forward to compete for the White House. Proponents are already dubbing March 1 the “SEC primary,” after the NCAA’s powerhouse Southeastern Conference.