THE WRAP: It was used for punishment in Yell County, not as intended as a brief way to restrain someone. DHS

Pressed to act finally by a continuing series of reports by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Chad Day, the state is going to stop sending youths to the Yell County juvenile detention center until a full investigation is completed of abusive practices there.

Improper use of a restraining device known as The Wrap, pepper spray, hog-tying and more inhumane treatment have been among the horrors unearthed from official reports and material discovered in legal action over the facility.


Yell County has been getting about $1,500 per juvenile per month — $1.2 million over four years — to run this horror chamber. The sheriff’s office also says it intends to have an “independent” review of the facility.

We know all too well that abuse of young offenders has not been restricted to Danville’s detention center.


Today’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article is here. This is one of those projects the newspaper would do well to take out from behind its subscription wall so all who could stand it would read.