Through the miracle of the interwebs, I’ll throw the Tuesday line open from New York City, where I’m just back from walking the avenues amid throngs of shoppers undeterred by fog, mist and temperatures in the 40s. The Barney’s windows (one above) were good for a gander, along with many others. Multiple black passenger trains running on white trestles in minimalist settings were the mesmerizing sights in Calvin Klein’s window. I’m not sure what was up with the multi-colored fur in Bergdorf Goodman’s windows, but it was showy.

Barney’s  windows have a website all their own, from which I learned that the one that caught my eye is known as “Love.”


A magical corner of Central Park is the mythical setting for the first window, which depicts a forest of 9-foot chromed mushrooms in a rainbow of colors. Elphresh the elf contorts and dances in and around his 14-foot-wide gold and bejeweled boom box, in pursuit of his impossible love, Elfemeral.

Anybody with memories of window dressings on Little Rock’s Main Street when Cohn’s, Pfeifer’s, Blass, Kempner’s and who know what else made it a wonderland for Arkansas kids?