Lt. Sidney Allen of Little Rock police alerts media:

LRPD and LRFD are responding to 6905 Interstate 30 (Hiland Dairy) to an explosive device. The caller stated he found a gift in his driveway and took it inside his home. He later took the device to work and discovered it contained an explosive device.

At this time we are not releasing what the gift was or what the explosive device is.

Update: Fire Department is confirming that a homemade explosive device was put at home of dairy employee. It is thought the intention was for an explosion there but it malfunctioned. When the employee bright it to others, it apparently wasn’t in danger of exploding


UPDATE: The Little Rock police report of the complaint from Bounthavy Khampraseut, 69, of Hensley indicates this might have been a close call. From the report:

Mr. Kahmpraseut stated yesterday his wife found a Christmas present in the driveway of his residence. He stated he took it inside and plugged it in. He said it blew a fuse in the house. Mr. Khampraseut said he brought the gift to work to repair it. When he disassembled the gift he found what appears to be a suspected improved explosive device. I cleared the area. LRPD bomb squad, ATF, FBI and Sgt. Lewis responded to the scene.