It’s Boxing Day in England, the day after Christmas when servants and tradespeople got gifts from employers. In our parts, the boxes are being returned to the store. Or new boxes are being received at after-Christmas sales.

Speaking of which:


I’m observing Arkansas news still from New York City. I ventured briefly into the Macy’s at Herald Square today — looking for a restroom, to tell the truth — and I found hell on earth for the anti-shopper. What a crowd. It was even crazier at Eataly, the Italian gourmet supermarket and temple to “slow food.” This is the kind of shopping I normally like. But not here. Not this day.

To give you some idea of the tourist hordes, that picture at the top is the line waiting for a table at Carnegie Deli at 2 p.m. today. It is not the only deli in town — or even on that block — but you might think so. $17 for a corned beef sandwich with a good pound of meat between the rye is an enduring tourist attraction. Lucky me. I had my pastrami run during a lull on Christmas Eve.


FROM THE POLICE BEAT: I note a death on I-30: A 24-year-old woman trying to cross on foot near 65th Street was struck by a car and killed Christmas night.