WE'RE NO. 1! Mary Dunleavy of Channel 11 Tweeted about this photo from Houston: 'Every Hog fan gets a Hog foam finger...Can't say the same for the Texas Longhorns.' Twitter/THV 11

I’m checking out early. My Christmas presents included the third season of “Rake,” an Australian TV series about a raffish defense lawyer in Sydney. I’m looking forward to some binge-watching.

Wait. What’s that you say? There’s something else on TV tonight? Just kidding:



Still ….. The Hog boosterism on Twitter and other social media beats all, particularly for a 6-6 team. All seem in agreement that Hog fans are showing more spirit — and are more in evidence on the ground in Houston — in advance of tonight’s Texas Bowl. Which might tell you something about how fervently Texans view the great “rivalry” with Arkansas that more or less ended with the dissolution of the Southwest Conference a quarter-century ago.