Ah, now I see why Jerry Jones has been flying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to Dallas Cowboy games and why the presidential candidate gave Rose City’s favorite son a big hug on a Cowboy victory.

From Media Matters:


Christie’s appearance at a Dallas Cowboys game as a guest of owner Jerry Jones in his personal suite is “proving to be controversial.” As reported by The Washington Post Christie flew to Dallas and accepted the ticket to the game at the expense of the Cowboys’ owner, who just so happens to have a business relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.” Christie’s NFL experience may have been worth more than $100,000, and “his acceptance of a gift from a business owner with ties to the Port Authority” raises concerns about possible conflicts of interest in the governor’s private and political life.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Jones is a direct investor in a deal with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey worth $875 million. Jones is a partial owner of Legends Hospitality, the company recently selected to operate the observation deck of the One World Trade Center, operated by the Port Authority which is jointly controlled by Christie. As David Sirota of the International Business Times, points out, the deal is linked to support from Governor Christie: 

Karl Rove has been trying to cover for the Cowboy owner and his big fan by dredging up a long-debunked smear on Hillary Clinton, Media Matters notes.

Terry Bradshaw says, by the way, that people in the Fox studio were appalled at the sight of Christie hugging Jones. And Rush Limbaugh is piling on, too.