Gov. Asa Hutchinson named four top officials at the Department of Human Services today, including David Sterling, who made an unsuccessful Republican primary runoff race for attorney general against winner Leslie Rutledge, herself a former DHS lawyer. He also named another GOP a.g. contender, Patricia Nation, to a top job.

The announcement, in part:


Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced four new hires to the Arkansas Department of Human Services. They are as follows:

· Mark White, Deputy Director at DHS

· Craig Cloud, Director of the Division of Aging and Adult Services at DHS

· David Sterling, Director of the Office of Policy and Legal Services at DHS

· Patricia Nation, Director of Client Protection and Advocacy at DHS

…. “Mark has been chosen as one of the agency’s two deputy directors. He previously served as the DHS chief counsel and as its Director of the Office of Policy and Legal Services. His leadership, effective legal counsel and experience at DHS and in state government make him ideal for this position.

“Craig is the new director of the DHS Division of Aging and Adult Services. He has spent most of his career serving the elderly and those with disabilities, and his compassion and experience will serve the state well.

“David has a wealth of legal experience and is ideally suited to his new post as Director of the Office of Policy and Legal Services, replacing Mark White. David is well respected in judicial circles and has a background in city government and working with the Legislature as well.

“Patricia’s breadth of legal experience handling civil and criminal cases at every judicial level combined with her skills as a communicator and her knowledge of Arkansas make her an excellent fit as the DHS Director of Client Protection and Advocacy.

“I’m confident each of these individuals will support fiscally responsible policies as they bring critical thinking and experience to DHS. We are lucky to have them at this essential state agency.”